Computer service business kit

What will you learn from this kit

  • A step by step guide book for “how to start, advertise, manage & improve your business”
  • How to gain the confidence with 100% knowledge and professionalism
  • Strategies of marketing & managing business
  • How to maintain the business relationship with customer service
  • And much more..................


What you will get from this kit

  •   Computer Repair Tools hardware and softwares
  •   Computer repairing Software tools
  •   Setting Computer Repair Prices
  •   All in one master drivers to save a lot of time
  •   List of most common problems you will see as a technician
  •   Equipment list for office
  •   Computer repair Business Documents Kit
  •   On-site equipment & tool kit bag
  •   Vendors (dealers) list
  •   Weekly Price List Update
  •   Wide range of niche (different) services you can offer
  •   Troubleshooting Help online, offline, phone, remote help
  •   How to do Marketing of your Computer Repair Business
  •   scenarios of testimonials
  •   100+ methods of advertising of your services
  •   How to protect your business legally
  •   Digital marketing & social media marketing training
  •   How to analyse your daily, weekly, monthly performances
  •   How to Be Competitive
  •   How to delegate the work
  •   How to Deal with Clients
  •   How to automate the work
  •   Tips and tricks, you need to know
  •   How to get regular income even in slow times
  •   How to cross check competitors
  •   Do’s & don’t of computer repair technician
  •   Computer repairing Hardware tools
  • Computer business kit includes:

    • Expertise technical & business training for 1 year
    • Over 50+ Business Documents Included! DVD
    • Business guidance book
    • Computer and laptop repairing tutorials videos
    • Essential onsite tool kit
    • All computer repair tools softwares backup DVDs
    • All computer & laptop’s Drivers DVDs & soft copies
    • Problems & solutions for day to day trouble shootings
    • Service centre instructional posters and service manuals
    • Image gallery of Equipment, tools, infrastructure of lab
    • Document templates, ready to use documents
    • Invoice formats
    • Marketing templates Soft copy and hard copies
    • Case study guide to understand the customer service
    • Legal documents
    • Hi quality Laptop repairing videos
    • World wide recognized Professor Messer, Comp TIA A+, Network + training videos
    • eBook (PDF) version book

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